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Edible Image Order Form

Posted by Kedai Cuppies Lumut On 5:10 AM

Edible Image Order Form

Date Needed

The date that you need your edible image.
(Tarikh edible image anda diperlukan)
Delivery Option
 Pos Laju (Postal charge applies) 
Address (Optional)
Fill in the blanks for the Pos Laju delivery option.
(Isi tempat kosong utk penghantaran secara Pos Laju)
Number of Sheets
How many sheets that you need?
(Berapa keping yg anda perlukan?)

Please click HERE to make choices for your edible image templates.

**Prices for SHEET 10 is RM24**
Types Of Sheets (Templates)
 Sheet 1 (1.6" = 24 pcs) 
 Sheet 2 (2" = 15 pcs) 
 Sheet 3 (One 7" X 4.5" square) + (1.5" = 12 pcs) 
 Sheet 4 (One 5" circle) + (1.5" = 12 pcs) 
 Sheet 5 (Two 5" circles) 
 Sheet 6 (Two 7" X 5" squares) 
 Sheet 7 (One 7" X 5" square) + (One 5" circle) 
 Sheet 8 (One 6" X 8" square) 
 Sheet 9 (One 9" X 6.5" square) 
 Sheet 10 (Full A4) 
Picture 1
Picture 2 (Optional)
Picture 3 (Optional)
If you choose to print your own picture, please upload here.
(Jika anda ada imej sendiri, sila upload di sini)

For cartoon images, please fill in the empty field below.
(Untuk imej kartun, sila isikan ruang kosong di bawah)
If you don't have your own image and want us to print specific cartoons/occasions, please state it here. You can choose maximum 6 cartoons/occasions.

(Sekiranya anda tidak mempunyai imej sendiri dan mahukan kami print imej kartun/tema tertentu, sila nyatakan di sini. Anda boleh memilih maksimum 6 kartun/tema)

For Examples (Contoh):
- Doraemon
- Hari Raya
- Spice Girls
- Spiderman
Text / Wording
Texts or Wording on your edible image.
(Teks atau tulisan di atas edible image anda)
Other Instructions
If you have any other requests, please state them here. We will get back to you.
(Jika anda mempunyai permintaan lain, sila nyatakan di sini, kami akan menghubungi anda)

We have the right to deny absurd requests.
(Kami mempunyai hak utk menafikan permintaan yang berlebihan dan tidak sesuai)
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image:
[Refresh Image] [What's This?]